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La Coruna: Santiago’s Great Neighbor

Although Santiago de Compostela may be the most famous city in Galicia, it certainly isn’t the only site worth visiting in the area. A Coruna, a neighbor of Santiago is equally as full of history and beauty. The best part is, it’s only a forty minute train or bus ride from Santiago! ( And the Train Station is only 5 minutes far from Hostal Mexico PR in Santiago de Compostela)

When in La Coruna, you should most certainly take advantage of the lovely shops in the quaint streets full of fresh pastry, sea food, and shopping in Old Town. Follow the cobblestone just a bit further and you can pay a visit to the main square, Maria Pita Plaza. There, a statue of Maria Pita stands tall, hinting at the legend behind the plaza’s namesake.

After ogling at the ornate artistry on the surrounding plaza buildings, you must visit the Torre de Hercules, the oldest lighthouse still in operation today. Walking up the stairs of the tower may get your blood pumping, but the view of the Atlantic is breathtaking!

Whether you are spending time in the museums and galleries or are simply acting as your own guide to the rich culture of La Coruna, you are sure to enjoy time spent in this lively city.