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Santiago de Compostela: A Perfect Balance

It is rare for a city to achieve the perfect balance of activity and relaxation. Yet, Santiago, with its beautiful architecture, lush green parks, and buzzing nightlife has managed to achieve just that.

A typical morning may consist of waking up with a creamy café con leche and buttery croissant at a café tucked into a beautiful building guarded by ancient cherubs in Old Town. Ready for the day, one may pay a visit to the Dos Marias statue in Parque Alameda, on the way to explore the winding paths decorated by trees with emerald leaves and opulent flowers. A nice stroll can be followed up with a hearty lunch consisting of the finest wine and freshest sea food that the city has to offer in the nearby Old Town. The walk back to Hostal Mexico offers some of the city’s trendiest shopping and nightlife available!
Whether one is in the mood to savor the mouthwatering flavors of Galicia, stroll through some of Spain’s most ancient streets, or enjoy some downtime in nature, Santiago de Compostela is the perfect place for all.